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Can you catch the killer? You develop a plan, but convincing others to help you proves to be its own challenge.

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Your dad's letter points to a secret treasure, but can you find the next clue? Immersed in a strange world full of magic and intrigue, will you be able to stay afloat? You brace yourself for the interview that could make or break your career When someone needs your help, will you rise to the occasion? To retrieve a vital artifact, the group must venture to Paris' vampire crypts You've found a director for Ninradell -- now it's time to cast your lead! There's an unexpected visitor on your tropical honeymoon Does this mean trouble in paradise?

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  4. Choices: Stories You Play A detailed breakdown of the game and its features For some of the languages we couldn't find people, or translations weren't ready for release. I wanna help out with translating this mod into?

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    Sent us an e-mail at support [at] portalstories [dot] com What do I need to install Portal Stories: Mel? Are there plans for another Portal Stories? No current plans, we just finished working on Mel! This test is too hard! Help please! Here's a youtube Playlist of the entire mod, it should help you solve your puzzle!

    The mod will be shipping with the soundtrack! I wanna donate some money! Due to licensing we cannot accept payments. Instead, consider donating to a charity! Our music will be released under Creative Commons Attribution 2. So, you can keep the music on whilst playing! Get ready for an incredible adventure taking place in the gap between Portal 1 and Portal 2 with Portal Stories: Mel. System Requirements Windows. Minimum: OS: Windows 8. Minimum: OS: Ubuntu See all. View all.

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    Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range.

    To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. If you chose him as your love interest, he will appear in some chapters of Class Act, Book 1 and Book 2, along with your character. In this case, in Class Act, Book 2, Chapter 14, he will bring your character roses and ask " wood you like like to put that down for a second? You reply that your dad is a terrible influence on him. Michael seems to dislike Caleb at first, labelling him as a "golden boy".

    He later warms up to him when he joins the football team as a QB and they become closer friends.

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    6. Caleb tries to encourage Michael to take up basketball in Book 2, Chapter 1, but Michael gently turns him down. Michael and Maria are opposites. Maria does not like Michael's slacker personality, getting annoyed with him from time to time. In Book 2, Chapter 1, they work together during the morning announcements and when things go wrong Maria immediately blames Michael, which leads to an argument. They seem to really dislike each other. In Book 2, Chapter 6, Michael and his friends take Maria under their wing while she is having a rough time, they make amends and hug in the sports hall.

      In Chapter 7, Maria invites him and his friends to her birthday party. Michael was friends with Brian when he first transferred to the school, but Brian ditched him when he became quarterback of the football team, thus leading to an argument that ended their friendship. Michael says they have a 'mutual understanding' with each other—as in neither bother each other as long as Michael assists Brian with tech issues. Koh , Morgan and Wes are Michael's friends, as they're all rebel and slackers. It is implied that Michael could have had romantic feelings for Morgan in Book 1, Chapter 2, because MC catches Michael looking at her longingly during a pool party, although it is a little unclear whether or not he was really looking at her or thinking about something else.

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      Koh and Morgan care a lot about Michael and try to warn MC about the emotional "walls" he has built up around himself in Book 1, Chapter 6. Giselle was Michael's childhood best friend.

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      Their relationship turned romantic in junior high as Michael developed feelings for her. She is the first kiss that he mentions in Book 1, Chapter 2. However they decided to just stay friends after the kiss. Eventually, Giselle moved down South because her father found a new job, and they grew apart.