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Frank wanted to commit suicide but the church brought him back. Asking for his final words, Frank was never at a loss,. Jesus has saved my soul … I am not afraid to die. The pressure was too much. It successfully stopped the hearts of nine men. Executed two years after breaking into the house of a 58 year old Ruby Miller.

He killed her with a claw hammer. Then in it was deemed cruel and unusual. Many thought it was heading for the wrecking ball. Not a surprise with this history. We believe more haunted than most in the United States. The front door revolves like entrances to luxury stores or hotels. Made this way on purpose. Officers escorted their prisoners to the door.

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It spun when being pushed in. The sunlight soon replaced with steel walls and uniformed guards. If the inmate tried to go back, the door would jam. It only spun one way. Visitors walking through the administration building may hear a scraping, like steel on steel. Look quickly enough and they see the revolving door will slowly spin to a stop. Wall was a prisoner, maintenance clerk and popular inmate inside West Virginia Penitentiary. Calmly serving his time, getting along with prisoners and guards.

As happy as an inmate could be… until some new transfers arrived.

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Seeing him laugh with the guards like buddies. They thought he was a snitch. In those men hid inside a basement bathroom. They clutched dull shivs as R. Wall walked by. Simply going to the boiler room for cleaning supplies. Made sure he was alone before jumping out. Pushed the kindly man to the ground. One man sliced off each of his finger-tips as the others cut into his neck with dull metal. When finding Wall the guards reeled in disgust.

His body shoved into a bathroom stall. His mostly almost severed head was resting on the neck propped against the stone wall. And R. Wall is seen walking down to the boiler room wearing his iconic khaki uniform. Sometimes without his head. This space was known for rape and violence.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Is So 'Haunted' That The Cops Called In Ghost Hunters

Scores settled, fights broke out and men died. Weaker inmates were fearful. Constantly preyed upon, beaten and raped. Most likely left over residual energy. Held the gallows for public and private executions, including the violent end of Frank Hyer see above. Now considered home to its most active ghost.

Orville Paul Adkins haunts the Gate after being hanged privately in He was condemned for kidnapping a minister.

Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Mountain State, Second Edition

Left the holy man in a mine. Kids later found him dead of pneumonia due to the cold. Adkins swore he never meant to kill. Karma or just bad luck followed Orville to the gallows. On that dark day, Orville was over the trap as an executioner started putting the noose around his neck. A nervous assistant pulled the handle too early and Orville fell 20 feet to the stone walkway. Found stunned and hurt but still alive. The angry executioner grabbed Orville by the collar and dragged him back up. Noose secured before the trap door opened and Orville Paul Adkins hanged correctly.

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Today footsteps are heard. Above the Gate as if slowly pacing back and forth. We disagree and provide an alternate explanation. This is a complex equation where objects are visually appealing. Manson tried.

When wanting to be close to his mother while doing time there for armed robbery. He mailed a personal letter to Warden Manfred G. Holland in So ended any chance of coming to West Virginia Penitentiary for this mass-murderer. But the letter was kept. Grave Creek Mound — — across from West Virginia Penitentiary The Adena natives felt honored to be buried along side their village leaders.

Building in Moundsville — — 10 acres secured in the small town of Moundsville, just 20 minutes from Wheeling. Walking into West Virginia Penitentiary — — a hopeless sight Starting with the North Wagon Gate constructed of hand-cut sandstone in Although it was designed for patients, about 2, crammed in—which gave me pause when I arrived for my overnight ghost hunt. Was I exploiting their suffering? Or was I validating it? After all, it seems few cared about their pain while they were alive. Just in case, I said a silent apology to any ghosts offended by my presence. The current owner launched the ghost tours to raise money for ongoing restoration.

I expected to be joined by hardcore paranormal investigators weighed down with camera gear and digital recorders—and there were some, but there was also a preppy older couple, a mom chaperoning tween girls, and a grandma from Indiana named Julia and her skeptical son-in-law. Those two became my friends for the night.

West Virginia Penitentiary... Living Dead Paranormal... Ghost Caught On Video

On each floor, she gave us the lay of the land before turning us loose to explore. The hospital is so vast that it was easy to end up alone despite the dozens of other people wandering around. It was also easy to feel lost amid the maze of hallways and patient rooms covered in peeling paint.

Julia and I set up in a room allegedly haunted by a spirit named Jim James. We placed a Maglite on the floor and asked Jim to turn it on. A few beats passed—then it came on. By itself. I offered Jim a cigarette to turn it back off. It went dark. We tried the flashlight trick again and again—in a room where Lilly supposedly plays, in a pitch-black corridor once reserved for violent women, in a lobotomy-recovery area—without luck.

Even so, exploring the crumbling building and learning its history were plenty thrilling, ghosts or no ghosts. By am, I was ready to go. As I drove away, I thought about whether I actually believe. Honestly, no. Maybe Jim James did turn on that flashlight.