As Dezessete Virtudes do Amor (Portuguese Edition)

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Analysis and interpretation a Treatment and systematization of observations b Analysis of sociological observations S7. The assessment is based on:The active and regular presence and participation in the classes and the development of the activities foreseen in them namely the planning of the field work observation and the presentation and discussion of the results of the observation ; Due to the laboratorial nature of this course, it is not foreseen to assess students through a classroom written exam.

A rua. Becker, Howard S. Awareness of the notion of method as a research strategy, the control function of the theory, the articulation between object, objectives and research methods, the relationship between techniques for collection and analysis of information.

Introduction to qualitative empirical research. Acquisition of knowledge on different techniques of production and analysis of qualitative data, including techniques of content analysis.

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Development of empirical research skills based on these methods and techniques. CP1 Empirical research in Social Sciences. CP3 Object, objectives and research designs. Case studies a Formulation of questions and research design: delimitation of the field of observation and production of information. Students opt for period PA or final FA assessment. The first results from the evaluation of individual written work and the student's participation in classes.

AF consists of a written examination on a date to be scheduled by the Council of the Year. Albarello, L. Becker, H. Berg Bruce L. Colin, Bertaux D. Enriching sociology" in Prue Chamberlayne et al. Comparative issues and examples. London, Routledge, Blaikie, N. Epistemologie d'une discipline. Creswell, John W. Colin, Mayer, N. Mendras, H. Colin, Morse, J. Colin, Porta, Donatella e Michael Keating eds. Approaches and Methodologies in the Social Sciences. Introduction to the study of the major contemporary sociological theories.

Controversies and schools of thougt in contemporary sociological theory I Contemporary systemic theory Contemporary systemic prospects.

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The neofunctionalist theory of social differentiation. The social network analysis. II Contemporary interactionist theory Contemporary interactionist prospects. The theory of interaction rituals. Symbolic order and interaction: contributions of ethnomethodology. III Contemporary theories of rational action Reason, exchange and choice. General principles of exchange theory. Theories of rational choice and norms. Methodological individualism. The analytical sociology. IV Action-structure integration in contemporary sociological theory Modes of action-structure integration. Internalization of structure.

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Internalization and the dispositional plurality. Duality of structure. Dualism of action and structure. Integration in modernity. Dilemmas and challenges of diversity in sociological theory. Periodic assessment consists of three tests, with equal weighting, to be held in teaching periods: the first on the contemporary systemic and interactionist theories, the second on the theories of rational action and the third on the theories about the articulation of action structure.

Alternatively, or in case of failure to periodic evaluation, the student conducts a two-hour final examination, corresponding to the same level of knowledge and skills involved in periodic evaluation. Ritzer, George , Sociological Theory, 8. Baert, Patrick , "The enigma of everyday life: symbolic interaccionism, the dramaturgical approach and ethnomethodology", em Patrick Baert , Social Theory in the Twentieth Century, Cambridge, Polity Press, pp. Goodman , "A historical sketch of sociological theory: the later years", em George Ritzer e Douglas J.

Turner org. Homans", em Jonathan H. Turner , The Structure of Sociological Theory, 7.

Turner , Theoretical Sociology. Scott, John , Fifty Key Sociologists. The Contemporary Theorists, Londres, Routledge.

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Granovetter, Mark , Getting a Job. Granovetter, Mark , "Economic action and social structure.

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The problem of embeddedness", American Journal of Sociology, 91, pp. Collins, Randall , The Credential Society. Garfinkel, Harold , Ethnomethodology's Program. Homans Homans, George C. Homans, George C. Coleman Coleman, James S. Coleman, James S. Bourdieu, Pierre , La Distinction. Critique Sociale du Jugement, Paris, Minuit.

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Bourdieu, Pierre , Raisons Pratiques. Critical Perspectives, Cambridge, Polity. Lahire, Bernard , La Culture des Individus. Duvoux, Nicolas , "La fabrication sociale d'un individu.

Giddens, Anthony , The Constitution of Society. Outline of the Theory of Structuration, Cambridge, Polity. Making Sense of Modernity, Cambridge, Polity. Held, David, e John B. Thompson orgs. Archer, Margaret , Realist Social Theory. Archer, Margaret S. Essential Readings, Londres, Routledge. This course focus on the analysis of interdependence among multiple variables. The methods explored in it - Principal Component Analysis PCA anMultiple Correspondence Analysis MCA - will enable the identification and description of the structure of the relationship between variables qualitative or quantitative , and also the identification of dimensions and associations between variables or between categories of variables.

The main objective of this course is to transmit the students basic knowledge and practical competencies in statistics and data analysis to: a analyze situations in which we can establish relations of interdependence between different types of variables in the context of multivariate data analysis, b use a tool that allow them to perform the statistical analysis necessary to approach these models, c present, systematize and interpret the results obtained, in order to report the statistical results.

Definition of principal components 1. Eigenvalues and communalities 1.

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Criteria for the number of the principal components to extract 1. Interpreting the principal components 1. Rotation of the components: orthogonal and non-orthogonal methods 1. Computing and interpreting factor scores 1.