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We must be able to continue to scale to support potential ongoing substantial increases in the number of users in our actual commercial environment and maintain a stable service infrastructure and reliable service delivery for our mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. In addition, we must continue to expand our service infrastructure to handle growth in customers and usage.

If our mobile marketing services platform does not efficiently and effectively scale to support and manage a substantial increase in the number of users while maintaining a high level of performance, the quality of our services could decline and our business will be seriously harmed. In addition, if we are unable to secure data center space with appropriate power, cooling and bandwidth capacity, we may not be able to efficiently and effectively scale our business to manage the addition of new customers and overall mobile marketing campaigns.

The success of our business depends, in part, on wireless carriers continuing to accept our customers' messages for delivery to their subscriber base. We depend on wireless carriers to deliver our customers' messages to their subscriber base. Wireless carriers often impose standards of conduct or practice that significantly exceed current legal requirements and potentially classify our messages as "spam," even where we do not agree with that conclusion. In addition, the wireless carriers use technical and other measures to attempt to block non-compliant senders from transmitting messages to their customers; for example, wireless carriers block short codes or Internet Protocol addresses associated with those senders.

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There can be no guarantee that we, or short codes registered to us, will not be blocked or blacklisted or that we will be able to successfully remove ourselves from those lists. Although our services typically require customers to opt-in to a campaign, minimizing the risk that our customers' messages will be characterized as spam, blocking of this type could interfere with our ability to market products and services of our customers and communicate with end users and could undermine the effectiveness of our customers' marketing campaigns.

To date we have not experienced any material blocking of our messages by wireless carriers, but any such blocking could have an adverse effect on our business and results of operations. We depend on third party providers for a reliable Internet infrastructure and the failure of these third parties, or the Internet in general, for any reason would significantly impair our ability to conduct our business.

We outsource all of our data center facility management to third parties who host the actual servers and provide power and security in multiple data centers in each geographic location. These third-party facilities require uninterrupted access to the Internet.

If the operation of our servers is interrupted for any reason, including natural disaster, financial insolvency of a third-party provider, or malicious electronic intrusion into the data center, our business would be significantly damaged.

As has occurred with many Internet-based businesses, on occasion in the past, we have been subject to "denial-of-service" attacks in which unknown individuals bombarded our computer servers with requests for data, thereby degrading the servers' performance. While we have historically been successful in relatively quickly identifying and neutralizing these attacks, we cannot be certain that we will be able to do so in the future. If either a third-party facility failed, or our ability to access the Internet was interfered with because of the failure of Internet equipment in general or we become subject to malicious attacks of computer intruders, our business and operating results will be materially adversely affected.

Failure to adequately manage our growth may seriously harm our business. We operate in an emerging technology market and have experienced, and may continue to experience, significant growth in our business. If we do not effectively manage our growth, the quality of our products and services may suffer, which could negatively affect our brand and operating results. Our growth has placed, and is expected to continue to place, a significant strain on our managerial, administrative, operational and financial resources and our infrastructure.

Our future success will depend, in part, upon the ability of our senior management to manage growth effectively.

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This will require us to, among other things:. Moreover, as our sales increase, we may be required to concurrently deploy our services infrastructure at multiple additional locations or provide increased levels of customization.

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As a result, we may lack the resources to deploy our mobile marketing services on a timely and cost-effective basis. Failure to accomplish any of these requirements would seriously harm our ability to deliver our mobile marketing services platform in a timely fashion, fulfill existing customer commitments or attract and retain new customers. The gathering, transmission, storage and sharing or use of personal information could give rise to liabilities or additional costs of operation as a result of governmental regulation, legal requirements, civil actions or differing views of personal privacy rights.

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We transmit and store a large volume of personal information in the course of providing our services. Federal, state and international laws and regulations govern the collection, use, retention, sharing and security of data that we receive from our customers and their users. Any failure, or perceived failure, by us to comply with U. Additionally, we may also be contractually liable to indemnify and hold harmless our customers from the costs or consequences of inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of their customers' personal data which we store or handle as part of providing our services.

The interpretation and application of privacy, data protection and data retention laws and regulations are currently unsettled in the U. Such laws may be interpreted and applied inconsistently from country to country and inconsistently with our current data protection policies and practices. Complying with these varying international requirements could cause us to incur substantial costs or require us to change our business practices in a manner adverse to our business, operating results or financial condition. As privacy and data protection have become more sensitive issues, we may also become exposed to potential liabilities as a result of differing views on the privacy of personal information.

These and other privacy concerns, including security breaches, could adversely impact our business, operating results and financial condition.

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We could be adversely affected by changes to these requirements, guidelines and codes, including in ways that are inconsistent with our practices or in conflict with the rules or guidelines in other jurisdictions. We currently rely on a small concentration of customers to use our products to generate our revenues, and the loss or change in any of these significant relationships could materially reduce our revenues.

Although we believe we have a good relationship with these customers, our contracts with these customers are short-term in nature. Should these customers choose to terminate their contracts with us or if material events occur that are detrimental to these customers or their operations, it could have a significant negative impact on our financial performance.

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Risks Related to our Common Stock. There has been a limited trading market for our common stock. There has been a limited trading market for our common stock on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.


The lack of an active market may impair the ability to sell your shares at the time you wish to sell them or at a price that you consider reasonable. The lack of an active market may also reduce the fair market value of your shares. An inactive market may also impair our ability to raise capital by selling shares of capital stock and may impair our ability to acquire other companies or technologies by using common stock as consideration.

The market price of our common stock may be, and is likely to continue to be, highly volatile and subject to wide fluctuations. The market price of our common stock is likely to be highly volatile and could be subject to wide fluctuations in response to a number of factors that are beyond our control, including:.

We do not expect to pay dividends in the foreseeable future. We do not intend to declare dividends for the foreseeable future, as we anticipate that we will reinvest any future earnings in the development and growth of our business. Therefore, investors will not receive any funds unless they sell their common stock, and stockholders may be unable to sell their shares on favorable terms or at all. Investors cannot be assured of a positive return on investment or that they will not lose the entire amount of their investment in the common stock. Our common stock may be considered to be a "penny stock" and, as such, any the market for our common stock may be further limited by certain SEC rules applicable to penny stocks.

For transactions covered by the penny stock rules, the broker must make a special suitability determination for the purchaser and receive the purchaser's written consent to the transaction prior to the sale. Furthermore, the penny stock rules generally require, among other things, that brokers engaged in secondary trading of penny stocks provide customers with written disclosure documents, monthly statements of the market value of penny stocks, disclosure of the bid and asked prices and disclosure of the compensation to the brokerage firm and disclosure of the sales person working for the brokerage firm.

These rules and regulations adversely affect the ability of brokers to sell our common shares and limit the liquidity of our securities. We are a "smaller reporting company" and, as such are allowed to provide less disclosure than larger public companies. As a "smaller reporting company", we are able to provide simplified executive compensation disclosures in our SEC filings, are exempt from the provisions of Section b of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requiring that independent registered public accounting firms provide an attestation report on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting, and have certain other decreased disclosure obligations in their SEC filings, including, among other things, only being required to provide two years of audited financial statements in annual reports.

Decreased disclosures in our SEC filings due to our status as a "smaller reporting company" may make it harder for investors to analyze our results of operations and financial prospects. Unresolved St aff Comments. Not applicable. Prope rties. We have a lease through December for 10, square feet of office space located at 55 N. Arizona Ave. As of the date of this report, there are no pending legal proceedings to which we or our properties are subject, except as described below and for routine litigation incurred in the normal course of business.

In February , a complaint was filed against us and five of our employees in the U. Glenn Stansbury, et al. In the complaint, the plaintiff alleged that we and five of our employees, who previously worked at mGage, misappropriated confidential information belonging to mGage in violation of the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act, that those same individuals violated non-compete agreements through their employment at Mobivity and that we tortiously interfered with mGage's business opportunities.

On February 7, the court granted a preliminary injunction enjoining Mobivity and the individual employees from working together at Mobivity or using any of the alleged confidential information.