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The Sabat family went into exile in Miami. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of Panart.

Craft Recordings to Release THE COMPLETE CUBAN JAM SESSIONS on November 9th | Concord

Concurrent with the rollout of the instant grat tracks, each respective session will be made available to stream in its entirety. To stream or download, click here. Unlike the previous Cuban Jam Sessions, its improvised tracks were edited to a radio-friendly format. They were hardly the typical Latin hit-parade singles, however. At the session Cachao played a spontaneous tumbao rhythmic pattern that would be his signature from then on.

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This jam session, serving as Volume 4 of the series, would take on mythic proportions over the years. With his inventive playing and gregarious persona, Fajardo brought mid-century swing to the flute and violin-dominating sound of the typical charanga band format. Get here early gates open am and the Party continues until pm. There are two stages inside the arena enabling continuous music for over 11 hours. The music starts at PM on the 9th Street Plaza. The headliner this year is - sure to get you ready for the rest of the evening where you can listen to live Blues in over 16 Bars and restaurants.

This is as close to Beale Street outside of Memphis. More information at: KeepingTheBluesAlive. Hope to see you HERE!


Shemekia Copeland Shamekia Copeland never holds back. Sipp Castro Coleman aka Mr. Mojomamma Mojomama has been on the Colorado music scene for a lucky 14 years. As you complete the tutorials you get more characters and instruments in the Studio.

The Jam – 1977

Coding Jam doesn't teach musical notes or technical vocabulary. But it definitely lays the groundwork. My 8-year-old has been really thinking about whether sounds go together. There are lots of opportunities to think about how different rhythms work together. The app really fitted his musical style and interests science and nature. He loves the scientist who has cool electric guitar riffs.

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My 10 year plays the violin and reads music, but he still enjoyed playing around with Coding Jam. He doesn't get as much from it as his younger brother but when his brother plays he asks to have a go. Coding Jam introduces the basics of sequencing, repetition, and loops.

1 Hour Relaxing BTS Music Box for Sleeping and Studying

It's pretty basic in terms of coding. But there's the Osmo Coding set to go further with coding. The blocks included in the sets overlap so you can create more combinations if you have both sets. For little kids who have never done any coding before then, Coding Jam will introduce them to the basics in a fun way. Osmo Coding Jam is for age We'd say you could go younger than 5 with some supervision to get started.

The younger end of the age range will get a lot from the kit and there's plenty of scope for pre-teens to enjoy composing their own music. Some older kids will have moved on to more advanced tools by the top end of the age range, especially if they get started when they're young. Osmo Coding Jam is pretty cool for kids who are interested in music but not yet ready for more grown-up composition tools.

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It's a great way to encourage kids to do something constructive with their device that mixes real world skills with the engagement levels that a cool app can offer. The characters and graphics are very appealing and this was one of the key draws for my 8-year-old.


The safe social sharing also adds a lot to the experience. The kit would work well as a gift for a family with a mix of ages as they'll each get something from it. There's even scope for working together and developing those collaboration and compromise skills.

Osmo Coding Jam is one of those cool products that are fun enough to be a gift but also teaches kids and encourages them to be active creators with tech rather than passive consumers. More: coding music osmo review. Teens become increasingly more difficult to purchase gifts for. They are aware of brands and tend to want or need more expensive technology