Living with Your Past Selves (Spell Weaver Book 1)

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Party members with whom you share a backstory begin immune to the maddening side effect but may choose to have an insanity gained during early telepathic contact as a Flaw. If you gain telepathy from another source this side effect applies to that telepathy as well. If another creature contacts the spell weaver telepathically that creature also experiences the side effect. Spell weaving. When casting spells from any source you need not and cannot use material or verbal components for spell levels 6 and lower.

Instead you need to use a number of free hands equal to the spell level. To cast spells of 7th level or higher you need to use all six hands and one should hold a spell focus. The spell focus most often used by your kind is a chromatic disk. Holding weapons, a shield, or other items limits the number of free hands and therefore the level of spell you are able to be cast.

You do not sleep. Instead you can spend ten minutes to enter a dormant state.

Dormancy provides the same rest other species get from sleep. While dormant you remain perfectly still even if standing, are aware, and invisible. As soon as you move the invisibility and dormancy ends.

You can choose to remain dormant as long as months equal to your constitution modifier. You do not need to eat, drink, or breath while dormant. Your people are mouthless and mute.

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Unlike most of your folk you understand Common. You can also read and write but you cannot speak. You use gestures, writing, and your telepathy to communicate. Innate spellcasting feats. Spell weavers have access to three racial feats that raise Size to Medium and provide innate spellcasting. Taking these feats is optional. Racial Feats Maturity In the manner of your kind an arcane signal generated by the collective magical presence of your race in the multiverse causes you to rapidly mature to full size. Your Size changes to Medium.

Spell weavers all look the same to those of other races and mature spell weavers are all nearly the same height.

Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson

A spell weaver can disguise itself as another of its species without a disguise kit if it only needs to fool other races. When a hostile creature provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can use your reaction to cast a spell at the creature instead of making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a casting time of one action and only target that foe. You can cast non-detection as an innate spell once.

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This ability is restored by a long rest. Charisma is the spellcasting ability score for your innate spellcasting. See the weave Requires Maturity. Your maturing alien eyes can now see the weave of magic that permeates the cosmos. You can cast detect magic and see invisibility as innate spells at will. When you are 12th level or higher you can use your understanding of the weave to cast invisibility at will as an innate spell. Walk the weave Requires See the weave. Your insight into the weave of magic enables you to manipulate space within the multiverse in small ways.

Your charisma score increases by one. You can cast an altered version of plane shift as an innate spell on yourself only once. This version only enables you to reach the Ethereal plane and from there other worlds of the material plane. You can also cast planar impenetrability as an innate spell. This spell is described below. Both of these spells are recharged by a long rest. Planar impenetrability 6th-leveI abjuration Casting Time: 1 action Range: self Components: V,S Duration: 1 minute You create a ward against magical travel protecting a sphere with a radius of feet centered on you.

For the duration, creatures can't teleport into the area or use portals, such as those created by the gate spell, within feet of you.

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The spell proofs the radius against planar travel, and therefore prevents creatures from accessing the area by way of the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Feywild, Shadowfell, or the plane shift spell. Also the within the area any divination magic or magical scrying sensors automatically fail, that is all scrying attempts into, within, or out of the area automatically fail. The spell's area can't overlap with the area of another planar impenetrability spell or a forbiddance spell. Last edited by Coronoides on Sun Jun 30, pm, edited 4 times in total. In the Dragon Magazine article which has more than likely since been trumped , spellweavers lives years before needing to regenerate their bodies.

See first entry. Also Chromatic Disk Very rare Requires attunement. A six inch disk that glows softly shifting through the colors of the rainbow every few seconds. The material of the disk is an unknown material indestructible by mundane means. Chromatic disks can only be used by spell weavers. Finally got around playing this scenario. Originally I tried some different tactics, with boots of Flying, but that didn't seem to work out.

Followed your guide closely, and that worked really well. On Turn 3, since you already know what the Spitting Drakes are going to do, if they do not move far enough and you are safe, you can end your turn two spots to the right of the treasure.

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This way you wont make the attack with disadvantage on the imp. Since turn 9 is Reviving Ether, losing those cards is practically free. Both good points, if I'd had major stamina potions unlocked, that would've been great! Thanks, this is a great guide. Before reading this I had tried this solo twice today with my lvl 7 Spellweaver - once on Hard and once on Normal. I got crushed both times. On Hard I lost on turn 2 imagine stacking every deck in the worst possible configuration , and on Normal I killed the golem on the same turn that I became exhausted.

My strategy was actual fairly similar to your own, but I will definitely incorporate some of your refinements. My personal quest has led to me being rather limited in my item selection, and this scenario is definitely exposing that weakness.

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I have a suspicion that this scenario is much easier at level 6 than level 7 or even 8 , as in a solo scenario the higher levels favor the monsters i. The cheese factor of making enemies rarely able to attack makes level matter a bit less, but it dies certainly require the right items and a bit of luck on the monster flips doesn't hurt. Good luck! Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Detailed Spellweaver Solo Mission Guide

Detailed Spellweaver Solo Mission Guide. Thank you! What scenario is this based on?

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