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Older kids would get a croupy cough but recovered. After around age 12 and older adults almost never got it. They must have had much better immune systems because they lived they all those childhood illnesses. Lyme is related to syphilis SOUL can't be conceived, perceived, or deceived. Doctors operated on his esophagus and stomach to save his life.

Wasserman was in the hospital 21 extra days, and was at death's door He spoke with a raspy voice for the rest of his life. My grandmother was given laudenum in the hospital in the early s for several months.

She was a nurse and knew she was addicted to the stuff. She didn't use heroin to get off of it tho. She had the dr lock her in a room for several days.

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She said it was a horrible experience. She ripped the sheets off of the bed and shredded them. After she went thru the withdrawal process she never went back to any narcotic drugs. Patrick was musing about this thing he has for living in Hawaii some day and a listener sent this in for a possible for this "Yearn" may be the word; you yearn to live in Hawaii. The Spleen is the body's incinerator.

The Liver is the body's furnace The Thyroid is the body's thermostat. We talked about using the laser temperature gadget on our big toe for potential thyroid information and Atom responds Two important acupuncture meridians are on the big toe — Spleen-Pancreas Meridian and Liver Meridian. Investment Advice. Maybury starts us out at the revolutionary war and we expand from there Government schools across the globe teach their version of history and economics Smedley Butler, The Banana Republic and using the Marines to protect private businesses The USG has been empire building from the beginning Liberty, true liberty has been lost in the consciousness of most Americans.

The unholy alliance between the U. It takes a long time to get young, October 16, It takes a long time to get young From time to time our host, Patrick Timpone, enjoys sharing ideas about spirituality, health and how the mind, body,and soul all work together. Join us for an enlightening and spirited hour. Your questions, comments, and phone calls are encouraged. The information Patrick shares in this series is not gleaned from a book or oral teachings. During the past ten years Patrick had to learn how to see his health challenges from the perspective Soul, above the mind.

The mistake we've made about time and the aging of the body It takes a long time to get young with Patrick Timpone, October 16, Deep Research into Health, October 15, Healing in The Dream State, October 15, Oftentimes Soul experiences a great abundance of downloaded experiences the first seven years Every "living" thing is energized by spirit and is Soul We can and do communicate, even in English, with all substances, plants, animals etc.

It's a true phenomenon. Frequently heard from transfer patients is they get unusual food cravings that turn out to be the same food the original heart owner craved. We dance around some of the ideas and insights of Dr. Roby Mitchell, Thursday's guest among these are: Looking at ones MCV marker on a blood test for possible information on HCL levels The list of foods that help balance out Candida overgrowth used in the long lived Blue Zones Thyroid function and healing No need to demonize folks who do bad stuff, the Lords of Karma will take care of those matters.

Patrick talks about his dream experience with parasites coming out of his feet Listener Robert from Houston and we talk about a few things, such as: Wayne Blakely's passing Drinking milk for fun and health and what freezing does to the prana in foods John in NY calls and we talk about: Social Credit Score in China All digital money in China 5G in New York and the NSA and other agencies tracking everything we do Patrick talks about getting a laser temperature device to measure ones big toe for accurate thyroid function testing Some emails: Quinton Tarrentino will for sure buy your screen play..

I finally bought some pigs feet.. After years of eating ground beef and turkey that bare no resemblance to an actual living creature, It's a bit unnerving. So I've been cooking them in water on low heat for a few hours. How do you cook 'em? The Bali Diet, October 10, Let There Be Light, October 10, Having food in its most natural state is a deep concept that retains the Prana aka Chi in the food, essential for us Foods that have lost their vital force tend to clock up the channels by shrinking them, and inflamation Nightshades do have an element, Nicotine, that plays havoc on many suffering with symptoms of arthritis Goats milk is often more digestible for some, yet Ayurveda says Cows milk, properly prepared is one of the most perfect foods on the Planet Dr.

Thank you very much. Can Atom give some ideas on how to recover from pneumonia, maybe some breathing exercises, what foods can help. And how to detox from taking antibiotics and getting all the x-rays. Also, what emotion or trauma could be behind lung problems? Could I be too alkaline???? I know my left is my husband!! I just heard about lose dose LSD for creativity.

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Have you heard of this? Did Atom say that taking magnesium supplements is hard on the kidneys? One time when Atom was on I asked him why my bellybutton had become so Small to which he replied it was an effort to detach from my mother. That being the case I know you have that belly button tool and wanted to know Your personal experience so far.

Is it painful or effective.

If you get a minute I Would appreciate hearing your thoughts. So many parasite removal experts and forums speak as though only a pharmaceutical approach will work, but I believe there are more natural solutions Has Atom found a Vitamin E supplement that he would recommend to people interested in using larger than USDA amounts of the nutrient for clearing PUFAs?

Atom Bergstrom and this months romp into wonderland with our Yes, No. Parasites, October 3, ONE. Parasites, October 3, TWO.

The Climate Changes Why? Heller has years working in high tech and his job was to seek and find flaws in systems, match, production models. He's super meticulous He tells some tales of a couple friends who were of the belief that Climate Change as being sold, is not true.

Both were fired and or blacklsted The U. The flagship graph Al Gore used in his video showing CO2 and Earth warming going hand in hand for many, many years is a lie. Science actually shows the Earth Warms, oftentimes because of the pull of gravity from other Planets, and many years after the CO2 is formed from Oceans etc. The meme that Climate Change is causing all these terrible Hurricanes is simply not true. History shows violent Hurricanes were far worse before Carbon emissions really got going Ocean temperatures and wild fires are examined up close and personal NOAA's website, if one looks carefully proves the organization simply changed the numbers to suit their needs.

The Green New Deal idea will be devastating for poor countries literally dying to get coal based electricity rather than cook and heat by fire The EPA classifies CO2 as a pollutant, opposite of its true character Sea water levels have not changed in long time, certainly not since Carbon emissions began Engineer and Geologist Tony Heller on his work disproving the Man made Global Warming meme, Octo.

Sircus speaks about relationships and how in a true loving relationship two people can and do grow spiritually by working out their differences and rough spots consciously. Sircus added to Dr. Cowan's insights on Cancer and suggests that light is the energy, the heat if you will, to make the protein into the fourth phase of water Water is life and is necessary for Spirit, light and Sound , to initiate and heal and create life The Sun is the light given to us by God that is the best light ever He talks a lot about Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking Soda as a valuable daily supplement.

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Hear the reasons during the show. Hydrogen turns the dried out cells into water by hydrating the cells. Jerry Tennant is real and worth investigating Stay tuned and look at Dr. Sircus's website for more on his project Conquering Cancer. Water, Spirit and Manifestation, September 30, Knowing ourselves, September 30, Open Phone Friday, September 27, Sept. Perhaps folks with the "brain" disorders who appear not to be in pain, are so much in the now that of course there's no memory of much of anything, cause it's always now.

We talk about Dr. Ray Peat's opinion that very small does of piggie thyroid just may be the way to go for many reasons including not having to be on these supplements forever Listen inquires about keeping Mr. Prostate happy Matt calls in and chats about is project to create a ice bath unit that will offer 38 degree tub of water on demand. Brrr Val calls in from Kentucky and we have a nice chat out some of the things she's working with, including speaking out more for gallbladder heath, using MMS for Candida Lots of interest and emails on the parasite protocol offered by past guest, Barbara Frank Got milk?

Patrick's experimenting with using raw milk, prepared properly to build muscle Caller asks about getting rid of knot that formed with repairing a Achilles tendon We mention the IT man who moved to Asia to put out natural piggie thyroid, yet currently are not shipping because some one s are hijacking the shipments. The second thei mentioned carbon credits, I knew it was a scam. Rocking the thyroid between the thumb and index finger also help. A lady asked Dr.

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Daniels about healing bunions and I recently noticed I was developing one on my right foot because I walk with a gate due to MS that makes me use my right leg more than my left, anyhow, I purchased a pair of yoga sandals which spreads your toes apart and it has helped a lot already. I almost never walk with bare feet because my feet are too sensitive so I just wear the yoga sandals around as much as my life allows. Just an idea. I have been on LDN for going on 3 weeks now and I'm seeing some improvements in my gate with that too.

According to Pete Egoscue, bunions are caused by a postural imbalance. Has anyone using the hydrogen machine noticed improvement with their balance? We jump right into the path of a common cold, and why we sometimes experience them. And it is a liver gallbladder thing, and if thing scan get out the normal channels they will come out how they can Doing a liver gall bladder flush, Dr. The birth and death of a blood clot What is the herd immunity theory of vaccines Now some emails: A friend of mine had open heart surgery to repair a valve.

After the surgery, he started experiencing horrible anxiety and depression.

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The doctors put him on SSRI's which made him feel worse. Then they took him off the SSRI's cold turkey, which made him feel worse than that! What can he do to permanently fix this issue with depression and anxiety, which he never had before the surgery? Thank you! She was told that this can cause cervical cancer and prevent pregnancy.

She was given anti-biotics and tested negative one month later. I on the other hand am her 51 year old husband and also tested positive for ureaplasma by urine test but did not take any anti-biotics. I re-tested positive one month later though I have no symptoms. Is it a problem to have ureaplasma like they are saying? I have been using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and got a bit of an upper respiratory infection from it.