Sixty-Something and Flying Solo: A Retiree Sorts it Out in Iowa

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I have many fears. What will happen to my three 3 college students? Where will we get the financies for their studies?

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You know I am active in our church Catholic community and I feel guilty if my current passion for these activities will be stopped in the event I will devote my time to business and travel abroad. Since my last travel to Cremona, Monza, Italy and Seoul, South Korea on company expense back in and respectively, I really miss those opportunities to see and talk to other nationalities.

I also miss the excitement of going to church when we feel we are the underdog; going to church in Cremona with Italians which are tall and we are midgets. However, your article encourage me again to pursue my long time plans. You see this coming October 1, , I will be exactly 10 years in sevice for the company I am working now.

I am now qualified to apply for an early retirement 10 years in service and 50 years old. Right now I am drawing my plans to make it happen at least this year.

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I can definitely relate to the message of this website. I started working full-time in just after I finished university.

For one and a half years, I got stuck in a typical desk job where you have neverending paperwork and clients to meet. Somewhere along I realised that a lot of office work is routine and boring. Just how fun is it to photocopy and staple sheets of paper several times a day? How exciting is it to stare at your PC monitor eight hours a day, five times a week? And yet I met a lot of people who have been in the company for as long as I have lived! What a waste of energy. Which is how I stumbled into this website. Well, I am also wondering whether I can travel to Mexico by myself….

Great article Chris. Sometimes you just have to take your dreams seriously.

Sixty-Something and Flying Solo

Thanks again. I do have debt, unfortunately. After that, I hope to do some traveling. And prioritizing debt repayment over travel. Thanks a lot for this. Sick of my job and need to see the world. We packed everything in in Europe and came to live in semi-rural India where my wife got a job at a vineyard. And the kids? The Czech Rep. I like staying home. Not shy, an introvert.

They are two different things. I find that I get overstimulated, which exhausts me. If I spend enough days exhausted, I get sick. Hospital sick…pneumonia sick. So I go, get sick, come home determined to not get roped into another long grueling trip. But being adventurous and curious, remember introversion does not equal wallflower I always do. Hello, the post is a good inspiration, the comments are good to, but, what about the money?

Been there doing that. I would say we were doing fine with our house and vehicles. Unfortunately, we were about 12k in debt not including the house.

Sixty-Something and Flying Solo: A Retiree Sorts it Out in Iowa by Marian Mathews Clark

We got our act together cleaned up our debt sold our vehicles and are now renting our house out. Last week we saw Kyoto Japan, and Beiing China. Our lives are actually richer now than they were with our desk jobs in the states. Life is too short, pay off your debt, quit your job, and travel. I do value traveling around the world more than I value what I currently spend my money on. I have debts that already exist, and I can not escape. If I quit my job, it will be very difficult for me to get a new one if and when I return. Also, I own a lot of things. Many of them I can get rid of, but I will have to pay to store the rest while I am away.

I have plenty of close friends and relatives, but none of them will quit their jobs and travel the world with me.

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I need someone to travel with before I get up and go. The most practical way for me to travel around the world is to wait for now. I need to save money, eliminate debt, and find someone to travel with. Great stuff Chris. West coast USa really appeals to me, I am based in london. I am very interested in hearing about ways to pursue the ravel with two small kids in tow. Any advice on schooling on road etc, legal requirements etc feel a little tied to the primary school if you catch my drift! This is wonderful article! After 5 years of working as a lawyer, I have just recently resigned to travel through South America a dream I have had for a few years.

I am both excited and nervous too. But I already know the journey will be lifechanging. Keep writing and keep travelling — your site and your vision are fantastic. I love that you are spreading the word that most everyone can travel the world, if they so choose. I used to be one who only dreamed of it. Then a wonderful thing happened, my first husband left me and I was despondent.

I finally took 4 months, alone, to travel the world to get over my grief. The funny thing is, we do this every year! Instead of getting a new car, we take a long vacation overseas. I have just stumbled on to your website a few weeks ago and I glad I did. I am planing on going over to Europe in Jan Your tips on traveling hacks are going to be quite helpful. My friend and I are planning on the places that we are going to visit. We want to avoid the Touristy places and find the little traveled spots.

It was somewhat of a risk at the time, but it has always been one of my fondest memories, and it changed my life. Travel, making music, snowboarding, painting, family, whatever. Then you ruthlessly eliminate and ignore the rest. I live 20mins from Boston, Massachusetts. I have always wanted more out of life. I realize I am working for a living; instead of having the life of travel I want. I have been dreaming about change and travel for so long! Time for me to stop planning and start doing! Thanks for this post. Hi Chris- Thanks for the article. The truth is I quit my job because I feel I am not growing anymore and life seems boring.

Chris, it is just so amazing how many people who posted here really want to leave their desk jobs and travel. I read in one of the comments that getting a TEFL degree and teaching English abroad is a good way to earn money and travel.