Sor Juanas Love Poems (Spanish Edition)

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Juana Inés de la Cruz Sister 1651-1695

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Presents (translation of the Spanish love poem "Regalos")

Help us improve this page. About this item. Specifications Number of Pages: This anthology contains a selection of her poems. Su madre se cas. Notes help with the 17th-century references and baroque Spanish. Bibliography of primary and secondary sources. This script served for premier productions in March at Oklahoma City Univ. The annotated translation is clear but its modern registers lose the baroque flavor and wit of the original, in contrast to Peden's translation"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v.

The Casa, a cloistered group of Portuguese nuns who enjoyed secular verse, communicated via writing and exchanges of books and manuscripts. They also hand-copied manuscripts and distributed them. Alatorre proposes that these riddles are likely the last texts Sor Juana wrote; his edition is faithful to the original, without answers or commentary.

I always have thought that Sor Juana was a woman in a wrong time. She was ahead of her time.

“Nevertheless She Persisted” Feminist T-Shirt

There is a book in spanish written by M. Lopez Portillo where the author talks about the early years of Juana.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Love Poems: Music & Poetry | MATCH

It is amazing to see how she was so enthusiastic about knowledge. As you said, with different conditions, I am sure that she could have the opportunity to do more than poetry. Great site and biography! As a historian focusing on Latin America, I learned about her in graduate school, but had to revise the interpretation that she became a religious because of a failed romance.

Thanks for sharing. She definitely was a kick-ass woman. She is my second cousin separated by 10 generations.

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I am very proud of her and her contributions to latin american literature. She went in for the reason of being able to have access to books and be able to continue to learn.

Had she married she would not have the kind of freedom she had as a nun. This man was literally a zealot but did some good things like open schools for the poor and so forth. But anyway he believed that nuns should know their place and yes he was definitely misogynistic and avoided women.

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It unfortunately was the mentality for that time. I definitely believe that she was heavily pressured to give up her library especially by this man and his connections to the inquisition. She walked a very fine line with it. There was like a total of 5 with that name in the family I found. Named after Ines de Brenes the matriarch of the family.

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There were many family members that entered into the church both as priests and nuns. The more I learned about this relative of mine the more I came to admire her. Her love for learning and her ideals. She truly was a head of her time.