Sparta: A Novel of Ancient Greece

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Literary consultant and editor Claire Wingfield blogs about the process of writing and publishing books. Guest posts give advice from published authors.

Historical Fiction: Ancient Greece ( books)

A Spartan warrior is a ferocious individual. But a phalanx of Spartan warriors is greater than the sum of its parts. Author T. So, what kept him motivated to complete his , word manuscript, and how does he write such thrillingly authentic battle scenes?

What are the best historical fiction set in Ancient Greece?

After reading his account of the Persian Wars, I concluded that Herodotus did not give us the whole story. He did not tell us how the Greek resistance was organized or by whom. Leonidas dies earlier in the campaign so it was not him, and Themistocles was focused on the naval aspect of the struggle and could not have organized the whole defence. No other male candidate emerges from any historical records.

The only person left was a young Spartan Queen, whose wisdom Herodotus himself acknowledges.

And so for me the story of Gorgo, the Queen of Sparta, was one that had to be told. How did you find the stamina to complete it?

What kept you going? Once I got started, the book was written over a period of four years with at least three major revisions. The main thing that kept me going was that I actually enjoyed writing it. I have a stressful job and writing this helped to relax me.

The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece

I had a habit of spending one hour every day writing the book and this helped me stay the course. The chapter on Rome was actually written in Rome; the same for the city of Byzantium, which is now called Istanbul. Parts of the novel written during long transits at airports such as Schiphol Amsterdam , Heathrow, Dulles, and Arlanda Stockholm to name a very few.

Except for the sad part that this novel about Greece was not actually written in Greece, the journey of writing the novel is as memorable to me as the novel itself. Those who seek modern-day voices to speak out against the homosexual focus of the anticipated Baz-Luhrmann movie Alexander the Great have found a friend in Steven Pressfield.

He conceived of warfare as a way of increasing his virtue, purifying his character by undergoing trials. He turns inward and takes on such internal foes as pride, arrogance, conceit and laziness.

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You are halted only when defeated. To win a battle must have been like winning the state championship in basketball today.

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Alexander could. He restored the ancient religion and went out of his way to show respect for it. There also many readers who are disgusted with the shamelessness of American society and enjoy reading about an era when honor was left.