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Featured Airbnb Plus destinations. Check out verified places to stay and design-minded spaces in a city where looking good is a way of life. Lieber and Ryan Lieber. I Bei Bambini performed a fast paced number, Tutti x Tutti, before the serving of sumptuous dinner. Bartolotta Fireworks presented a brief, but colorful and tremulous pyrotechnics show before the opening of the sweet table.

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Bartolotta has been doing the fireworks show at Carnevale for many years. Midway through the second number, the members of the Royal Court participated in the dance. Carnevale General Chairpersons Joanne Czubek and Rosemary DeRubertis are seen here alongside the sweet table that was set up in the galleria. Czubek designed the centerpiece for this table and many other centerpieces for the event.

Supreme Court — dies at age of Scalia was born Mar. Catherine worked as an elementary school teacher. After graduating eighth grade, he obtained a scholarship to Xavier High School, a Jesuit military school in Manhattan, New York City, where he finished first in his class of and served as valedictorian. Scalia obtained his law degree from Harvard Law School and spent six years in a Cleveland Ohio law firm before he became a law school professor at the University of Virginia.

In the early s, he served in the Nixon and Ford administrations, eventually as an Assistant Attorney General. He spent most of the Carter years teaching at the University of Chicago, where he became one of the first faculty advisers of the fledgling Federalist Society. Four years later, Reagan nominated him to the U. His nomination was approved by the Senate on Sept.

Scalia succeeded William Rehnquist, a. The Carnevale Committee and the Italian Community Center thank you for your support and contributions to Il Grande Carnevale in making this a wonderful event. Milwaukee native and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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Scalia served on the Court for nearly 30 years, during which time he established a consistently conservative voting record and ideology, advocating textualism in statutory interpretation and originalism in constitutional interpretation. He was a strong defender of the powers of the executive branch, believing presidential powers should be paramount in many areas.

He opposed affirmative action and other policies that treated minorities as special groups. Scalia met his wife-to-be on a blind date while he attended Harvard Law School. He and Maureen McCarthy were married on Sept. Both were devout Roman Catholics. The couple raised nine children, five boys and four girls.

He enjoyed opera and often attended performances with fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal member of the Court. Citizens have participated in the bonfire since the s, when it is thought that the city was attacked and burned by residents of neighboring Como. Some historians also suggest that the bonfire commemorates the widespread burning of witches during that time. Participants organize into groups and compete as to who can create the biggest blaze. The bonfires are famous for lighting up the shores of Lake Como.

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Today, the family-run business can be found in significantly more spacious digs at E. The founders of the original store were three brothers — the late Joe, Eddie and Ted. He also had another job at the Heil Co. Ted was just a teenager. Every day, he cleaned the wooden floors, stocked the shelves and loaded the basement storeroom with goods hauled through windows.

Today, Ted is the owner.

Eddie is semi-retired but often can be found working behind the deli counter. Joe, the oldest of the three, died on Oct. Everything we carried was Italian except for a few things, like the soaps. We were open six days a week from 6 in the morning to 10 at night and closed on Sundays like other groceries back then. Among the relatives who helped out the brothers in the early years were their sister Rosalie, their brother Chuck, and their Auntie Bessie.

The latest estimates are that more than 70 family members have worked at the store at one time or another. Even as the neighborhood changed, with many of the Italian, German and Polish families moving on and other ethnic groups replacing them, the Glorioso brothers and their store remained constant. He said they valued the imported Italian oil, pasta, cookies,. After 64 years at its original location, the grocery and deli operations were moved across the street to a much larger building 20, sq.

The new market has allowed the Glorioso family to greatly expand its deli and prepared food operations, offer a much larger selection of groceries especially Italian cheese, pasta, olive oil and other food , beer, wine and, for the first time, liquor. The store has the largest selection of Italian cheese in the state. It kicked off Feb. The officers and directors of the Italian Community Center wish to thank and acknowledge all those who pledged, fulfilled a pledge, or contributed to the building fund. To obtain information on how to make a donation, please call The following donations were received between January 11 and February 9, Sorce and his sister Christina Sorce.

In memory of Dominic H.

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In memory of Sharon A. I have been in Italy a number of times, and every time I go to Sicily.

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I have seen festas throughout all of Italy. It seems that every town has its own festa. This has a lot to do with religion. She was from Bari in Puglia, while my father was from Sicily.

Every Italian immigrant did so and was and still is very proud about the adoration for his or her saints, as a way to show the love for their community. For the Italians, even if they are gone from Italy, Italy is not gone from them. From that point on, we were the only Gennaro with a J. The majority of Italian immigrants in Milwaukee had Sicilian heritage. In Kenosha, not far from here, many came from Calabria. Here in Milwaukee, there also was a group from the Dolomites, in the very north of Italy.