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Power Laws & the New Science of Complexity Management

Also, the book is available as an audiobook in two formats: m4b and mp3. Further information is available here. Six Healing Sounds by Yang Ying: Using musically timed intervals as an aid to signal inhalation and exhalation, this unique music program is designed to both facilitate learning, and to deepen the practice, of the ancient six healing sounds qigong practice.

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For each sound, Ying has created meditation music centered around the chordal tonality of the sound. You may purchase the instructional DVD or accompanying music CD separately, or both at a discounted rate.

Read more, or purchase the materials, on our music page. Here's a preview of the video: New DVD! In a study , researchers showed volunteers two images. Before one eye, a familiar shape. Before the other, high-contrast, flashing squiggles. The technique — continuous flash suppression — is a trick of sorts. Visual exposure to dynamic lines overpowers the familiar image, leaving it invisible to most people. To test the power of language, volunteers were primed with either the word for the suppressed object, a random word, or static noise.

The Science of Energy: Resources and Power Explained

Those who were primed with the word were more likely to see the object. Interestingly, subjects exposed to the wrong word were less likely see the suppressed object than those exposed to static noise. This indicates that language has a real impact on our systems of perception. Though visual biology has been most researched, preliminary data suggest that words can impact more than sight. One study, for example , points to self-talk as a possible mechanism of pain relief. The more we learn about the power of words and self-talk, the more we can use this information to our advantage.

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Beyond grocery store incantations, words can be used to build our self-esteem, enhance performance and self-regulate our impulses. Whether repeated in your mind or out loud, words have power. Learn about the relationship between women and power. Get tips for talking with boys about sexual harrasment.

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Discover the six habits of highly empathic people. Scott Barry Kaufman explains why power doesn't corrupt everyone equally.

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We should also take a lesson from the now-canonical studies of Stanley Milgram on obedience to authority. In a similar fashion, contexts of unchecked power make many of us vulnerable to, and complicit in, the abuse of power. The challenge, then, is to change social systems in which the abuses of power arise and continue unchecked.

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And on this the social psychology of power offers some insights. First, we need to hear tales from those abused by the powerful, difficult and unsettling as it can be to share these stories. Kudos to the brave people who are calling out the bullying and sexual abuse of Weinstein and others. These tales galvanize social change. For example, when English citizens started to hear the stories about the treatment of slaves on slave ships in the s, the moral calculus of the slave trade started shifting, and antislavery laws followed. Telling such stories also functions as a means by which those with less power construct the reputations of those in power and constrain their impulsive tendencies.

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