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That ugly monster with round glassy eyes and crooked spindly forelegs so handy for seizing and choking his victim is the Spider. There he is, cold and still, lying in his corner, or fiendishly weaving his deadly thread to trap and truss the feeble Fly without compunction. The repulsive creature takes pains, often-infinite pains, to perfect his web down to the last thread, so that his prey shall never escape.

He will first spin one thread, then two and three — and more and more. He crosses and recrosses the threads so that even in their death throes his victims will not tear the web or scarcely make it quiver. At last the web is ready, the trap is set, there is no escape — the Spider retreats into his lair and waits for an artless Fly, impelled by hunger, to approach in search of food.

He does not have to wait long until the Fly comes by. And as the poor thing is looking here and there, she runs right into the outstretched threads, is terrified, gets tangled up, tries to hold on, and that is the end.

As soon as the Spider sees his victim caught, he leaves his hide-out and slowly advances towards his prey with hungry eyes and grasping tentacles. There is no need to hurry, the awful creature knows full well that once caught the luckless insect cannot escape.

He comes nearer and nearer, sizes up his victim with his bulging lackluster eyes and drives it mad. The Fly is atremble with fear as she sees the looming danger, tries to break free from the sticky threads, tries hard to escape, and is exhausting herself in her desperate attempts.

But her efforts are wasted, her exertions in vain. She gets more and more entangled in the web, and the Spider comes closer and closer. She finds herself entwined by more and more threads, enmeshed in more and more nets with every movement she makes to extricate herself from the cobweb, whose slender yet so effective meshes have trapped her. Finally, breathless and exhausted, all resistance gone, she is at the mercy of her enemy, her conqueror, the horrible Spider! Then the awful creature reaches out his hairy tentacles, seizes and locks the Fly in his deadly embrace.

Happy Hooligan was a very popular comic strip in the first couple of decades of the 20th century.

When Hearst expanded his sable of comic strips into the movies, it was one of the earlier series. Here, directed by Gregory LaCava and with animation by Bill Nolan, we find that it's a very simple and not terribly interesting idea for a strip. Happy is lazy. He suffers for it. Nonetheless, because this is a very early cartoon, there are points of interest. First is the bizarre early inklings of cartoon physics, in which spiders can build these huge vertical webs and people can climb them.

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The other is the way that Hell is drawn: side lit and very dramatic. LaCava would not remain in animation. By the middle of the next decade, he would be directing comedy features. That desire for the realism of real humans in comic and dramatic situations can be glimpsed even here. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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