The Yak From Ladakh

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Himalayan yak facing threat of climate change

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Yak Safari in Leh Ladakh , Sikkim , Adventure in India

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Snow and ice provides liquid refreshment for the Yak. Yaks are also good climbers and can pick their way over rocky mountain slopes and inclines.

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Yaks usually live in herds of though larger groups have also been seen. Yak herds migrate in winter to better pastures on the lower slopes and return to the high altitude pastures in warmer months.

Yaks feed on grass, mosses and leaves. Their horns are used to dig through the snow to expose grasses underneath. The long horns of the male Yak can extend up to 76 cm. Population: There are less than 10, mature wild Yaks worldwide.

The Joy of Yak Safari in Ladakh

Domesticated Yaks however are more numerous and are believed to be around 12, , You can see both domesticated and wild yaks in Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, on Kashmir wildlife tours with Kashmir Tourism. Feb 5, 18 0. Previous Chiru - Tibetan Antelope.

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Since past meteorological data is lacking in this region, researchers from NRCY have collated information from Brokpa namads who are engaged in yak husbandry in Arunachal Pradesh. Two other prominent nomadic communities engaged in yak rearing are Changpas and Dokpas in Ladakh, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh.

The total yak population in six states in the Indian Himalayan region is estimated to be over 76, Globally, China — mainly Tibet region — has the highest numbers of yak.

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This ensures that their animals remain in almost same ambient temperature all through the year. It helps minimise heat stress. Besides heat stress in animals, fluctuating temperature also affects growth and availability of fodder in alpine pasturelands.

  • Yak in Indian Himalayas face threat of climate change.
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  • This, in turn, lowers productivity of the animals. Yaks provide nomads milk, fibre and meat. Milk production depends directly on the quantity and quality of forage in pasturelands. The long hair of yak has water-resistant properties and can be a good packing material. Nomads use yak hair to weave material for making tents. In addition to climate-related factors, there is a reduction in grazing areas and degradation of pasturelands due to various developmental activities as well.