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One of the most high level companies that could be in a position to exploit opportunities like UW is Planetary Resources, which deployed its first spacecraft from the International Space Station this week a small flyer meant to test some of the basic technologies that will later be used in a space telescope to spot potential asteroid mining targets.

This $20 Trillion Rock Could Turn a Startup Into Earth's Richest Company

All these plans are rather far off at the moment, however. We're still at least several years away from being able to send any prospecting equipment to a nearby asteroid, and the infant industry's goals can change quickly. At the moment it's thought that mining for water could initially be the way to go, as it will be a valuable resource needed for further space exploration and to actually build out the infrastructure for space mining to get off the ground forgive the pun.

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Meanwhile, you can join Planetary Resources and others who will be watching a space rock made of potential riches fly by us tonight and dreaming of how much closer we might be to tapping its potential when it returns in just about three years. The company describes UW as a " prime example of an asteroid Planetary Resources will aim to mine in the future.

A $20 Trillion Rock Could Turn a Startup Into Earth's Richest Company

Water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen, the chief components of rocket fuel. Arecibo imaged the asteroid in detail for the first time on July 14, allowing astronomers to discover that the rock has a very odd shape — kind of like an unshelled walnut — and is spinning very fast, completing one revolution every 37 minutes. Unlike most asteroids , which are more like loose collections of pebbles and ice, UW may be a solid body.

The asteroid won't fly by Earth again until and is not considered a potential threat to the planet, researchers said. Original article on Space. Need help?

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