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There is no obligation for me to leave a review, but I am choosing to do so. The Night of the Moths is a psychological thriller about a murder that had occurred a decade in the past.

While the core of the plot was actually pretty interesting, I had a difficult time getting through this novel. It took me about two days full of starting and stopping to get through it all. As I said above, the plot itself was perfect — a decade old murder where the supposed murderer is also dead ironically, by murder and no new evidence to suggest anything else. The main perspective Enrico, was the boyfriend of the girl who died. Unfortunately the writing style is a pretty big turn off. It felt like there were a lot of odd phrases and sayings strewn about, frequently and without context.

Some terms used were also…off putting.

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Personally I prefer that the switches in perspective be distinct, either by starting a new chapter or creating a slight break. Something to warn us that the voice has changed. Not doing these results in a few paragraphs of confusion until I figure out that the perspective has switched to another character. Needless to say there were several points where I found myself lost, trying to figure out who was talking or why one character knew something they should not have.

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It may seem little, but it does a lot to break the immersion in the story and usually I found myself putting the book down for a break around this point. I do think Bruni has potential; he just needs to clean up his writing styles a bit or hire a different translator?

Oh boy was this book a mess. First of all, I hated the present tense style which totally got on my nerves. It zipped backwards and forwards randomly. For instance, there was a security guard who was obsessed with Die Hard and then there were song references that were inconsequential to the story. I love Coldplay but Chris Martin et al had no place in this. Part of the problem may have been a poor translation, that was a really mixed up affair.

Yes it was a murder mystery but it was fun. Great characters and although you can pretty much figure out what happened early in the story the twists keep you turning pages. Wasn't bad I like the ideas around the story but at times it was hard to know which persons point of view it was told from. It could have been a lot better , the characters were not very developed I wasn't attached to any of them.

The Night of the Moths, in my opinion, is a thrilling, character driven narrative with beautifully written, and well executed present tense mystery. The plot, while engaging enough to keep me invested in the story, really was only there to give reason for our characters to show who they were. The perspective shifts in this story were very, very interesting to me. The chapters focused on Enrico made me feel I was in Enrico's head, the chapters focused on the John McClane security guard made me fe The Night of the Moths, in my opinion, is a thrilling, character driven narrative with beautifully written, and well executed present tense mystery.

The chapters focused on Enrico made me feel I was in Enrico's head, the chapters focused on the John McClane security guard made me feel I was in his head. The way we jumped from character to character, back and forth in time, sometimes by ten years and other times by ten minutes was refreshing, and the beautiful writing and prose kept me asking for more. The author does not nudge you constantly with throwbacks, nor does he explain anything twice. The button hand brake in Enrico's car, for example, is mentioned once in the first chapter, and once in the second to last.

When you get to it the second time, you just remember it, even though it was ignored for pages.

That kind of respect for the reader feels good, the way the story was written without concern to how well you might keep up with small details, felt good. The characters stole the show, in this book, though. Every one is unique and distinct, they all have an interesting arc to them, and yet there is still ambiguity at the end. You never get the sense that Enrico loves his fiancee, but even in the end, it just isn't explored too much, because Enrico himself isn't thinking about that. I expected him to come to a realization that she isn't the one for him, or something, and maybe the subtlety of that just went over my head, but in a novel that so many critiqued for being melodramatic, the author is content to just, let things go.

There's plot twists, and a beautiful final chapter, as ultimately you get the sense that the spirit of Alice finally manages to come to a rest. Her supernatural presence isn't explored upon, the wisdom she gives different characters isn't explained, it really makes you wonder whether her chapters are even, real in a way.

The choices narratively and the focus on character in this piece more than make up for the weaknesses in the plot. Nitpicks can be made, but why bother? What's left unresolved was never important, and what was important finishes in a realistic way. This book is a 3. I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this book, and especially if you read it from Kindle Unlimited like I did, it is a novel more than worth reading. If the plot were as brilliant as the characters and prose, maybe it'd be 4.

That said? If I as a writer published a book like this in ten years, I'd be proud. PS: The opening line to this novel is one of my favorites ever. I recommend reading that if you're at all curious about this book. It will convince you to keep going, and if not the book isn't for you. You can't escape secrets.

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You think you can have secrets, that you can keep them, but in the end they possess you. The Night of the Moths ' plot was intriguing, but I felt the execution fell a little flat. There were moments of extreme dullness, to the point I could set it down for days at a time, but sometimes redemption followed with paragraphs providing action or attention grabbing details. There were some issues with a few details provided ie.

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It was also hard for me to believe the justifications given for some of the character's actions - especially for Gloria and Betti. As for the writing - I wasn't a fan. I found myself getting annoyed with Bruni's writing style, and character development or lack there of. The story was told by bouncing between several 6 or 7 character perspectives and also between past and present.

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Some of the time you didn't know who was "talking" or if things were taking place in the past or present until you had read a bit. The novel was littered with, what would have been, powerful phrases but due to their extensive use most of them ultimately fell flat. As a whole The Night of the Moths was a good read, and kept me guessing up until the reveal of whodunnit.

And I was introduced to the belief that moths are souls of the dead, so there's that. This is my first time reading the author. I enjoyed The Night of the Moths.


The book is a good thriller with elements of mystery and suspense. This creates a lot of suspense. There are some chapters narrated by Anna, presumably by her ghost.

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These chapters just come across as clumsy and awkward. If there had been more chapters narrated by her it might have worked better. The Night of the Moths has good use of unreliable narration. This is done very subtly simply by gradually revealing who really killed Anna ten years ago.