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These ideas are especially helpful in my role as a prison chaplain to share with the inmates. Beautifully expressed. Your post instantly brought to my thought the understanding that life is eternal and never for an instant separated from our maker. All human existence is supported by that infinitude of the infinite expression of oneness.

While the material world may at some future time vanish from all experience, the spiritual will never be lost and thus life eternal can never lose the opportunity to express the truth of being whole, complete, divine, harmonious love expressing being, truth. We are all united by this eternal expression. We, so blessed, as are all. Some are passed yet all are called. Yet in time the Lord has said, All will share His daily bread.

Oh, Evan, thank you for this reminder.

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Your uplifting message s lifted me up when my beloved husband passed on 6 years ago. One thing you told me was to stop trying to see him with my physical eyes materiality. Divine Love pulls us together in Love. Thank you, dear Evan. Thanks, Evan. I love to think of the fact that life is eternal and that we have all of eternity to accomplish our goals.

Unfinished Business Attracting the Favor of GOD pt 1

It takes the pressure off. God constantly provides occasions for us to grow and learn. And our loved ones who have passed from our sight are still living joyous and productive lives, and we will see them again.

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I have absolutely no doubt about that, and for that I am indeed grateful. Life is eternal! Thank you, Evan…I have been reading and rereading this wonderful, comforting article all morning. The timing could not have been better or more appropriate for me. Oh — wow is that helpful for me — because sometimes I feel guilty that I was not loving enough while caring for my mother, because we argued from time to time. You show us that God straightens all error out; and in the end God caused everything to work together for good for all his loved children.

Oh Uta I know what you mean. I too had the same experience with my mum while caring for her and it causes so much guilt! Thank you Evan for these very helpful ideas. Thank you, Evan. I feel washed clean. I read it twice, too. A real keeper. But now God has given me someone else and another opportunity to rectify how I handled the situation before … I see clearly what is important and divine Mind is showing me … thanks Evan! I was thinking after I read all the comments that understanding and knowing the truth is what is important which is why we are always given and opportunity to correct our thinking and understanding.

I remember reading years ago a: comment that did not impress me until years later. A CS practitioner said something like this: that God is so encompassing or provides for everything you need He even provides the saucer under your teacup. To me it means, God provides from the smallest seemingly insignificant to the big things we need.

God is the only power. I am just reading this now, and it is just perfect for some things I have been praying about. SpiritView has become my daily routine. This blog post particularly hits home for me at the moment, and I have re-read it many times over the last two days.

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Saying prayers for the rest of you who are struggling with one thing or another. And thanks, Evan. My mom is a daily reader, too! Thank you also for all your selfless blogs which uplift and inspire to many others. Once back to Midgard from Alfheim you can get in a boat from one of the docks.

Take the boat and sail to the Cliffs of the Raven dock in Midgard. Here is where to find the dock:.

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Once you dock the boat you will be attacked by a small group of enemies. Once they have been taken out read the glowing glyphs on the tablet to awaken the Lake Spirit. Speak with the spirit to activate the quest.

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Be sure to open your Favours menu in the Goals section and track this quest. Once docked, take out the enemies there and head to the Northeast part of the island and have Atreus read the glyphs on the rune tablet. This spawns a few more enemies that you should be able to take out without much effort.

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Once all 5 enemies are defeated the Lake Spirit will show himself, speak with him. After speaking to the spirit get back in your boat and sail to the next marker south of you, this is the Isle of Death:.

Once on the island, climb up the stone wall straight ahead of you. Atreus will be able to read the stone instantly, this triggers a wave of enemies.